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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fitness Woes

Remember how I lamented not having a gym with child care? Remember how I took Scarlett to the base gym and she lasted 15 minutes? 

So I thought I should try again. Maybe she would surprise me.

This was my view from my elliptical machine. 

Fun room right? Lots of big soft toys to climb on, jump on, or build with. There was a tv in the corner showing Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. There were even two other little kids in the room to play with! 

And Scarlett stood right in front of me for 30 minutes crying her eyes out.

Okay, maybe I'm not being fair. After about 15 minutes she did stop crying and climbed on a some of the toys for a couple minutes. Then she came back to her post and cried some more.

So maybe tomorrow it will be better and she'll only cry for 25 minutes?

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