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Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday

It's another 5 on Friday!


I found this at Walmart and got very excited. I took it home and tried it and then I wasn't as excited. It left a bacony film in my mouth, which was super gross. I didn't even finish the bowl, and I'll eat the burnt kernels if I'm hungry enough, so that's saying something.


We've been watching X-Files on Amazon Prime for the last couple of weeks. I never really watched it when it was on before. The only episode I've ever seen all the way through was the one where a circus tent covered a house and some creature gassed the people inside. What's weird is I've seen this episode a few times because I always seem to catch it in syndication. I swear, if I ever randomly catch an episode of X-Files, it will be that stupid circus tent episode. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. But now we started watching from the beginning and I'm hooked.


The ONE thing Altus needs more than anything is a gym with childcare. There's a room in the base gym that has treadmills and ellipticals and an enclosed area for kids to play. The kids area has lots of big soft toys to jump on and play with and it has a tv in the corner. Scarlett's attention span is approximately 10 minutes before she needs to move on to the next big thing, so I knew taking her with me would be pointless and I'd never be able to work out. But then I thought, maybe she'll surprise me and have a good time in there, so I finally took her yesterday. Just as I predicted, she lasted 15 minutes. Grrrr.


Scarlett still needs an OU outfit for football season. Last year Etsy was full of them. This year there's nothing. I know there is famine and war in the world, but the season opener is in two weeks and I will be so sad if she's not properly outfitted for the occasion. :( I follow various OU facebook pages and instagram feeds and I've been living vicariously through the pictures of rush, er, recruitment and moving into the dorms. I started college SIXTEEN YEARS AGO. That's a whole person who can drive!


McDonald's Monopoly ends today and I'm a winner! I have to redeem my two medium fries and breakfast sandwich before August 26. I had all game pieces but one in every single category. I thought for sure the Extradition Agent would put me over the top. Until next year McDonald's...

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