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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Scarlett Does for Fun, Shopping Cart Edition

Does your child do this?

Unfortunately I'm usually too busy trying to hold her down to get a picture of her trying to stand up and slide out of the buckle.

So then I let her do this:

But I never really thought about the fact that she's a climber. 

She outdid herself on our next trip to Target. She climbed up the side of the cart and fell flat on her head. It took her about .08 seconds to do it -- I know this because that is approximately the amount of time it takes me to put a box of shoes back on the shelf. 

There was a lot of panicking and freaking out, mostly from me. This is how Scarlett handled her time in the ER:

My mind was racing and I wanted to throw up. All she wanted to do was run. For the record, she's totally fine and that red bump was gone by morning. And I never want to take her to the store with me ever again.

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