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Friday, August 16, 2013

Thrift Shop Prom

Kelly's Korner is talking about thrift shop finds today. Most people are showing their great craft projects with thrift store finds, but this is something completely different. No upcycling involved here. It's the Thrift Shop Prom -- A Night in Altus, courtesy of Todd's squadron.

We had this fundraiser back in May. We were told to buy our clothes from the thrift store -- the less money we spent, the cheaper our ticket would be. This is code for look as gaudy as possible.

This sign was obviously a labor of love.

I couldn't decide between two dresses at Goodwill, and I think I should have picked the other one. The one I chose was this green chiffon that I wore with a black shrug. It was fine, but not the 80s look I was going for exactly. The one I wish I'd gotten was a crushed red velvet overlaid with some cheesy lace. I went back the next day to see about an exchange and it was gone. Wah wah.

We found a ridiculous jacket and shirt and tie for Todd. We were both old school in our clothing, but not quite as old school as I'd hoped for. I did curl and tease and hairspray some big bangs, a la 1990. I thought, I haven't done this in 20 years, I hope I remember how. Turns out it's like riding a bike!

Black trash bags as carpet runners greeted us at the doors. There was karaoke, which Todd participated in. He sang "America" by Neil Diamond, which if you know Todd, you know that is not anywhere near his preferred genre of music. The karaoke was part of the fundraiser, you donated money to make people sing, so that's what Todd got.

What I learned from this experience -- more people buy cheesy formal gowns from Goodwill than you would think. I went to Goodwill several days in a row and they had new merchandise almost every single day, and if I tried to find something one day that I'd seen previously, I couldn't find it. I thought other people in the squadron were buying this stuff for the prom, but I never saw anybody wearing any of it. Soooo...where is everyone going in Goodwill formals that I wasn't invited to?


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yay for Oklahoma! I love the title of your blog. I do NOT like to share popcorn either :) People buy cheesy clothes from Goodwill way more than you would think. I remember a friend and I wanted to find some gaudy dresses, and there was nothing! That and ugly Christmas sweaters. People snatch those up! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I need to do this for relief society ! How fun! Miss you.