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Friday, August 9, 2013

5 on Friday

I know I've been MIA. Today I'm catching up a little bit with the 5 on Friday link-up.  


Scarlett started getting a rash this week, but I thought it was just the heat so I waited for it to go away. It wasn't going away and was spreading more so I took her to the doctor this morning. Turns out she has a viral rash AND a burst eardrum!!!! I feel awful! She really hasn't acted any different. When she has been somewhat cranky I just thought it was teething. So now she's on antibiotics and ibuprofen and I'm the worst mom ever. 


With Scarlett's burst ear drum we may be done with the pool for the year, and I am so so so bummed. When the doctor said no pool, it was like summer was taken from me in an instant. :(


I hit the McDonald's Monopoly jackpot at a tiny town in Texas a couple weeks ago. Some lady with "Extradition Agent" written on her jacket had a huge order for a large group of people (criminals?) and offered me all her game pieces. I'm thinking the criminals aren't allowed to play McDonald's Monopoly. Talk about some serious punishment. Either way -- cha-ching for me! If you're keeping track, I still need Boardwalk (duh), Pennsylvania Ave., Ventnor Ave., Kentucky Ave., Tennessee Ave., Virginia Ave., Vermont Ave., Short Line Railroad, and Mediterranean Ave. 


I saw this at the Commissary the other day. I'm not ready yet! 


We're headed to the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival tomorrow. Everybody knows Rush Springs has the best watermelons and I've been wanting to check out the Watermelon Festival for years. I can't wait!

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