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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finding Fun: 2013 Rush Springs Watermelon Festival

Hot weather = watermelon.

Black Diamond watermelons from Rush Springs, OK are where it's at. AND it turns out Rush Springs is only 90 miles from Altus. So on the second Saturday of August, we headed that way for the 2013 Watermelon Festival.

I always pictured the watermelon festival to be just like Tracy Byrd's video for Watermelon Crawl (early 90s country fans know what I'm talking about). While they do have a watermelon queen, she did not dance in a tub of watermelon, nor was there watermelon wine.

Job #1 was lunch. I realized I hadn't eaten anything that day and I was starving. Scarlett had a footlong hot dog all to herself. She didn't eat it all, but she did discover the tangy deliciousness of mustard.

Job #2 was to check out the winning watermelons. My super cheesy husband's joke of the day: "check out those huge melons!"

This watermelon is the Grand Champion watermelon. I don't exactly know what the criteria is -- size, shape, color, taste? We're still trying to figure it out.

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, wins the award of biggest watermelon. 163 pounds!!! I wish I'd put Scarlett in the picture for comparison. 

We strolled the craft booths to walk off lunch. I've never seen more little girls bows in one place in my entire life. I do wish their wares were more watermelon specific instead of just something I could have bought at any fair at any time.

I'm sad to say we missed the seed-spitting contest. The record was set a couple years ago at 52 feet. What kind of training does this entail?

The highlight of the day was getting our "slices" of watermelon. Delish!


 Watermelon carcasses -- don't show this picture to the starving kids in Ethiopia.

We ended our day with buying huge jugs of root beer and headed home. We stopped at one of the MANY roadside stands to buy a black diamond and a yellow watermelon. We'll be eating watermelon for days!

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