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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Transitioning to Twins: The Minivan

After I was done laughing at the doctor for telling us we were having twins, I immediately told Todd we were going to need a new car. A minivan to be exact.

I am not one of those people who thinks minivans are beneath me. If you don't want to drive a minivan because you think they're uncool, fine, but while you're judging me I'll be opening my sliding doors from my key fob and watching my 2 year old crawl in the car without any assistance from me. I love minivans and I have been waiting for the day to finally get mine. We had initially decided that my car (a Toyota RAV4) could hold two kids, so we were going to wait on the van. But there is no way that three car seats were going to fit in the backseat of a RAV4, so it was finally time to get the van, and I was READY.

Todd obsessively searched the internet for days. We test drove a Toyota Sienna at the Toyota dealer in town, and seeing as there were no Hondas for sale anywhere around us, we test drove our friend's Odyssey. We finally came across one in the DFW area with absurdly low mileage and an even more absurdly low price. So off we went at the last minute in the middle of the week to go buy a car. We literally just picked up and left -- if somebody had walked into my house they would have thought we'd been kidnapped in the middle of dinner. But I did not have time to waste in picking up the house -- I had a minivan to buy!

And here it is, the new ride -- a Honda Odyssey. It's your standard minivan blue color. Scarlett's favorite feature is the DVD player where she can watch her Disney movie of choice whenever she wants (long car rides only!). Sure, I know I'm a mom because I have a kid with me at all times, but driving this thing REALLY makes me feel like a mom. It's totally awesome. 

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