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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Floatie!

Dear Altus AFB,

You may have heard alarming shrieks and screams coming from the pool last night around dinnertime. Don't worry, nobody was being attacked or murdered. It was just my daughter refusing to put on her puddle jumper and throwing an epic tantrum.

See this? This is her exact floatie:

What's not to love? It's pink and purple with a seahorse. So cute, right?

But Scarlett has been swimming for a long time now, and only in the last couple of weeks does this thing finally fit her. So she's had a lot of freedom in the water until now. Oh excuse me, "freedom" meaning must be held at all times.

But now she's bigger and stronger and more independent and the dang thing fits, so guess what, SHE WILL WEAR IT. I'm pretty strong-willed. But so is she (stupid genetics). 

Last night's tantrum at the pool was every parent's worst nightmare. She screamed and cried and pouted for almost an hour. She was not allowed to get in the big pool without it on. And she has deemed herself better than the baby pool, so screaming and crying she did while we sat on a chair and watched her.

We finally wrestled her into it and made her get in and surprise! She was so happy! She swam around saying "I'm swimming! I'm swimming!" and nobody was allowed to touch her. 

I really really really wanted to say to her "I told you so."


  1. Don't you just love it when they feel so independent and knowledgeable that they won't listen and you just want to bang your head against a wall because you KNOW they would be happier if they least that's how I feel sometimes with my kiddos! :)


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