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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transitioning to Twins

The first thing I did when the doctor told us we were having twins is laugh. The second thing I did was start thinking of all the things we were going to need to buy, get rid of, and change around our house.

This picture was taken approximately 17 minutes after being told we were having twins. Can you tell our heads are spinning? And can you tell it was Mustache March?

When we thought we were only having one baby, we thought we would just do some minor rearranging to make some room for a crib and changing table in our office. We could keep the majority of the baby items in Scarlett's room. Not much would change and we could go on with our merry lives.

My mind was racing with thoughts like, We have to buy another crib. And another infant car seat. I thought I bought all the big stuff  with the first kid and wouldn't need to do this again? Do I need a double or a triple stroller? Scarlett needs to learn to walk more because I'm not going to be able to carry her. What if I can't potty train her before the twins come? I can't have three kids in diapers. 

Todd and I went to lunch after our appointment and we just sat there looking at each other. We were honestly stunned for about a week and couldn't think or talk of anything else. I was going to hold out telling people until after the first trimester, but we couldn't keep this news in, so I outed myself on Facebook at 10 weeks.

Now that time has passed, the news has sunk in. True to our style, the only way we've been able to cope is by being proactive. I'm consolidating and downsizing and organizing like crazy. I've become obsessed with selling everything on our local classifieds page, because why should Goodwill get the money when I can? Yes, it's a total pain but I have to pay for my Sonic drinks somehow now that I have to pay for three kids in college at the same time.

You know how Kate Gosselin had sextuplets and got all kinds of free stuff like Gymboree clothes, nannies and helpers, and a tummy tuck? Maybe Sonic will take pity on me and award me free DDP for life.

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