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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finding Fun: Lavender Valley Acres


Today's stop on our Finding Fun Tour found us at the Lavender Valley Acres in Apache, OK. If you think you'll just get directions from Google maps while you're on the way, you would be wrong.

Yes, we got a little lost. Neither Android, Apple, nor Garmin could direct us to our destination. However, poorly placed signs hidden by overgrown weeds did eventually get us there. So maybe they weren't so poorly placed after all.

I initially read about this place from following the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department on instagram. They had a cool picture of a peacock so I decided to look it up. It seemed closer than other places I want to go in Oklahoma (read: can be done in a day), so I wanted to go sooner rather than later. Fortunately, I have a friend who was also ready to get out of the house and find an activity for her little boy, so I wasn't alone on the journey.

Basically, this place started out as an experiment to see if lavender can be grown in Oklahoma. The owner was told that the climate and the soil were not compatible with growing lavender. He sought out to prove that he could do it, and he now has about 10 different kinds of lavender that he grows. He has a big lavender festival every June and a couple open houses during the year where he showcases the lavender he has grown in all sorts of products and food. You can also tour the gardens like we did today from March-July.

He has like, 24 peacocks living on the grounds, including 4 babies. I had never considered how cute baby peacocks could be! P.S. Did you know there is such a thing as white peacocks? P.P.S. I had incredible paranoia about a peacock biting my baby.

Scarlett was so ready to be out of the car. She had no interest in learning about lavender and was more than happy to pick at the dirt and throw rocks. She also found a cat who would return her affections more than Clarity will, so there was a lot of grabbing and attempted tail-pulling going on.

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