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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Playing Catch Up

2014 Happy New Year Number Gold Wallpaper HD

So my last post left you hanging, I know. I'm sure everyone is dying to know WHAT HAPPENED AFTER YOU TRANSITIONED TO THE TODDLER BED??? I can hear the cries now.

To sum up, we tried potty training, but I was too tired and Scarlett too stubborn to be successful.

Summer ended. I was sad not to have a pool to relieve my aches and pains.

I turned 35. Hello advanced maternal age.

AND -- We had two babies, more to come on that.

There is a lot from 2014 that I didn't blog about and I'm not sure why. But I just mailed our Christmas cards with a note to stay up to date with our family on my blog, so I guess I better be updating just in case people start reading.

Let the 2014 review begin!

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